Located in Luxembourg / Operating in Spain 

We are an ESG real estate investment fund that caters to social and environmentally conscious investors by developing sustainable oriented projects in Spain, driven by relentless passion to have a positive impact in the housing market

ESG compliance

- Sustainable investing

- Near Zero Emissions Building or Zero             Emissions Building

Equality and diversity 
Ethical conduct 

- Our hiring is merit based, local and socially aware

- Equal remuneration independent of gender

- Implementing core values derived from ESG in our investment strategy

- No corrupt or unlawful behavior tolerated


- Monthly investor reports with full transparency

- Internal controls such as check-ups on the construction site


No matter our emotions or feelings we want to deliver at the same pace  on a daily basis

Global mindset

We want to be identified in every culture in this world


Trust worthy

We will show every document with no alteration even if it objectives are not met

Social responsible

We will treat everyone as equal and at the same time we are respectful to the environment complying to the ESG standards


We will always try to comply by the moral standards and beyond


Relentless try to reach our goals and always moving forward, while adopting an agile methodology                     

Why Invest with Stone Bridge Investments?

Why now 

- Spain is experiencing an increase in foreign residential buyers and a great demand for mid to high end residential product, mainly in the Mediterranean coast.

- Residential Real Estate market in areas such as Costa del Sol is a very interesting one. However, most of the opportunities require large investments and extensive local knowledge of the market and the stakeholders involved.

- The traditional process of developing requires blocking large amount of capital for several years before seeing returns. Available alternative lending speeds up the process.

- Inflation in construction costs can lead to unexpected losses if the project is delayed. With new pre-industrialized construction methods, the inflation risk can be limited.

- There is a niche in mid-size residential developments that are too large for individuals and too small for the big developers operating in these markets.

Why us 

- We make investing in this market easy from 150k €.

- Partnerships with local operating companies covering all the areas of the development with great track record and extensive market knowledge.

- Constant deal flow of projects that mitigates the risk by investing in several projects in different municipalities.

- ESG focused projects.

- Project investment periods between 18-30 months.

- Technologically advanced and environmentally designed and built residences.

Our Team

With a mix of experience and energetic youth we have put together a committed team of professionals focused on driving value to our investors. Our extensive knowledge in developing and executing Real Estate deals in Spain and rest of Europe, along with strategic alliances in all key areas, provides us with the adequate tools to deliver.

Samir Kayali

Fund Manager

His professional life has developed around the family company in Spain, Euroamykasa, S.A, mainly focused in residential and commercial high-end Real Estate, with projects in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Las Americas, as Director of Projects and C.O.O.. He has been a member of the Board of Directors since 1992 and recently appointed Chairman of the Board.

During his trajectory in Euroamykasa has actively participated in the restructuring and expansion of the company. In 2016 he founded C95 Creative, an award winning company which focuses on all the architecture and procurement activities, and whose objective is to help transform the AEC industry through the use of the BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodology. As a result of this, he has founded URBIM, a Digital Twin Management SaaS platform based on BIM, for Smart Cities and buildings. He is currently president of URBIM.

Samir is member of YPO since 2010, where he has held many responsibilities roles, at local, regional, and international level. He is also a member of the Advisory Board of Fundación Mutua de Propietarios.

He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering (1990) and a Master of Aerospace Engineering (1991) from Cornell University.


Pierre Ernst

Fund manager

Pierre has successfully absolved his studies in business management and finance at Hult international business school.

In his Professional life he has opened a company called MP enterprises Sarl that is a real estate company. This company purchase properties and renovates them and rents them out. This company has evolved over the last 7 years. Started off as a local company in Luxembourg and Pierre managed to expand this company into a multinational enterprise. The company is currently operating in four different countries Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany and Spain. This company also holds a license to do import and export and Pierre has successfully supplied hospitals, pharmacies with pharmaceuticals, for instance insulin products, personal protection equipment.

In addition, Pierre also started a company called PM Enterprises OY, focusing on the Scandinavian countries, specializing in the Finish market.

In the most recent year Pierre also created a company in Spain called Zippy SL that is investing into a different model of real estate essentially focusing on purchasing, renovating and selling off the asset.

Karim Kayali


He studied in Chaminade college, preparatory school, high school and went to Suffolk university where he got a bachelors in finance with a minor in investments. Mainly worked in accounting and data. He started his career in Puerto Rico in a company called Doctor House, where he assisted the accountant with the reconciliation of the income statement and balance sheet. He then switched to Amur Capital finance as an intern, followed by Rapid 7 as a data analyst. Moving back to Madrid he then worked for the startup eGoGames, where he assisted the CEO, to raise fund and provided the company with deal flows.

In addition to this he has been on the board of YNG+ Boston ( Young Next Generation) where he was in charge of bringing the community together



E-mail: s.kayali@sbilux.com


127 rue de Muhlenbach
L-2168 Luxembourg

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